Mountain Living

Start a gel or a long running process, strap on your trail shoes, sneak out the front door of the Eccles Genetics building and head for the hills. Oh, and don't forget to pack your lunch because you can hike for over 150 miles to the Colorado border from our front door and only cross about 6 roads the whole way.

But hey, who wants to go to Colorado! Utah's license plates say it all, "Greatest Snow on Earth". And with an average of over 500 inches (yes that's 42 ft.) a year of the lightest, driest snow around it will only take one powder day at Alta to convice you that this is no idle boast. Glide down that snow at no less than 7 different ski areas within a 45 minute drive from campus - or better yet take the ski bus.

And you don't have to stop when the snow melts. Our Wasatch and Uinta mountains are home to world-class ultra-running, backpacking, rock climbing and mountain biking. Or break away for a weekend in the desert where you'll find a lifetimes worth of red rock canyons that will blow your mind.




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